Saturday, March 17th 10:30am-1:30 pm.  We need a group size of 13.

Denver Rescue Mission - English

Thank you for signing up to volunteer at Denver Rescue Mission or Ft Collins Rescue Mission! This is a confirmation that you are scheduled for Lawrence Street Community Center - Lunch Meal Service on March 17, 2018 from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm.

A few instructions and reminders about volunteering:

Dress Code:  Please dress in a manner that is modest and appropriate for working. Please refrain from wearing opened toe shoes, tank-tops, midriff tops, short shorts, and any clothing that is: tight, low-cut, or has controversial imprints. We may be able to provide proper attire if you are dressed inappropriately, or you may be asked to reschedule.  A tip for kitchen volunteers:  If you wear a hat, you will not be required to wear a hairnet.

Incidents:  Please report immediately to a staff member any injuries, inappropriate behavior, or anything that makes you uncomfortable. Please be aware that many of our guests and program participants come from difficult life situations.

Change Makers Needed!  As a Change Maker, you'll commit to serving in a relational capacity with our guests and program participants for five months to one year or, sometimes longer.  Will you join us?

Please locate below the name of the facility where you are volunteering for more specific information.  Please know that we appreciate your time and energy.  Thank you for serving the poor and homeless!

Lawrence Street Community Center:

Address2222 Lawrence St, Denver CO 80205

Check-in:  Please report to our Volunteer Room at the south corner of the facility.  Upon arrival, please be sure to sign in at our computer kiosk station. If you are with a group, the group leader who registered should sign in. This is helpful for us to highlight all that volunteers do to contribute to the community.  After signing in, you will watch our safety video to bring you up to speed on everything you need to know for your volunteer shift.

ParkingWe have a private parking lot at the southwest end of the building for volunteer parking. If there are no parking spaces available in this lot, the parking lot across Lawrence Street is privately owned and is available to the public. Denver Rescue Mission does not control prices or reimburse volunteers if they receive a parking ticket. If you choose to park in this lot, please remember that you must pay the designated amount which is posted. Seven of the spaces in this lot are leased by Denver Rescue Mission and are available for free to volunteers.  They are located behind the fence on the northeast end of the parking lot with posted signs on the fence. These spots are not available during weekend Rockies games (prices may also increase during Rockies baseball games). There is also street parking (which may be metered or a 2-hour limit) and additional free parking is available in the neighborhood north of the Shelter (around 25th and Lawrence).  Do not park in the Denver Rescue Mission street parking spaces on Lawrence Street across from the facility as these are permit only.

Minimum Age: This opportunity has a minimum age of 14 years old for safety reasons.  Please do not bring family members or guests who are under 14.